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-   Special letter to vacation condo owners with tropical motif

-   New concept furniture. World Wide exclusive.

Factory tour: Island Collections. Tropical furniture manufacturer. Rattan furniture, wicker furniture, contemporary furniture.             image not loaded             Tropical furniture             Rattan furniture             Wicker furniture
Welcome to Worldwide Hospitality Furniture, we are the number one manufacturer and wholesaler of hospitality and tropical furniture in the US. We can offer you the best prices because unlike other furniture wholesalers we manufacture the furniture ourselves in our factories in Los Angeles, Mexico, Philippines and Indonesia.

We offer you one stop shopping for

  • Rattan & Wicker Furniture
  • Dining, Living Room, Lamps
  • Bedroom Sets, Art
  • Leather with Motion
  • Birch Wood
  • Condo Packages
  • Space Savers & More

We have 13 different product lines available in over 50 different styles with everything you need to furnish your home, condo or vacation property.

Worldwide Hospitality Furniture Inc


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